blogging tips for beginners

How To Start A Blog For FREE and Make Money Online

If you want to learn how to start a blog and make money, then read here and get the TEN basic steps on how to do it!

Blogging is for everyone! More and more people are creating their own blogs and many are even making money on them! Admitted! It is a dream life to be your own boss and manage your own working hours! It is a new level of freedom!

But what is a blog?

A blog is a variation of a website where you can unleash your creativity and your passion through articles and images. You can write about anything!  Your life, your feelings, your food, your work, your pets, your cars, your hobbies…

Expressing your Passion and fighting for the things you believe deep down is actually very healthy. Running a blog and converting it to a business is blog business development alongside self-development.

There are no limits. People want to be entertained. People want to find like-minded people. People want to be part of something. People look for stuff that fills all the empty holes within, whether it is the knowledge they hunger for or it is emotions that need to be felt or needs that need to be met.

It’s pretty easy to install WordPress, find a theme, and start writing. Simple as that!

Should I start a Blog?

In fact, there is only one that can answer that question. And that’s YOU!  Don’t fool yourself! There IS a lot of work involved in starting a blog and most blog owners have to work hard for 6-12 months to see good results. Well – during this period you should make progress. If not you might have to reconsider your niche.

You don’t need much to create a blog. Passion, Hosting, Time, WordPress and something to write about.

Should I use

I wouldn’t. I love the control I have using WordPress. I can make WordPress do everything I want. There are not many limits to want is possible with WordPress. You don’t get any free traffic from Blogger. Even though there are thousands of blogs there is NO synergy.

Can I make money blogging?

Absolutely, but you need to be persistent! It doesn’t come overnight! And it takes a lot of work!

Blog Examples

Here are some great examples of successful blogs:

The Moz Blog [SEO] – Moz – brings in $45 million per year.

Show Me the Yummy – Easy Recipes for Yummy Food! Brings in $500.000 per year.

Home | Abby Organizes ( Brings in 450.000 per year (from year 3) and is from 2016.

Fat Stacks Blog – Get Fatter Brings in $250.000 per year (from year 1) and is from 2017.

Believe In A Budget – Believe In A Budget Brings in $180.000 a year

How to Make a Successful Blog

There are a few key points for making a successful blog.

  • Write about topics people want to read (and learn from).
  • Be consistent. And keep on writing articles and adding new products. Affiliate products or your own.
  • Post your article everywhere.
  • Make sure people sign up for your list.

How to Create A WordPress Blog

  1. You must have one (or more) topics to write about.
  2. You need to find a name for your blog.
  3. You need to find lightning-fast hosting.
  4. You need to install WordPress and a theme.
  5. You need to create a mailing list.
  6. You must write as if your life depended on it!
  7. You need to do some search engine optimization.
  8. You need to market your blog because absolutely NOTHING happens if you don’t do something.
  9. Monetize your blog.
  10. Go to step 6!


1. How To Find A Topic To Write About.

Blogging tips for beginners

No matter what people say, it does matter what you choose. There are two things that need to come together.

A. You have to write about something you’re passionate about because that’s the fire people out there can feel and that’s the way they connect with you. When people feel you are passionate about what you write, you touch your real readers’ hearts and lives and they will immediately trust you and you will appear as an authority.

B. You should preferably write about something people can use or would like to read or somehow relate to. It involves finding the words that people are searching for. Key Word Research.

So in other words, you need to find a combination of what you are passionate about and a target group you can serve!

2. Find A great Name For Your Blog

Blogging tips for beginners

How about an acupuncture blog called Point and Press? Or a law blog called Scam and Fraud?

The name itself doesn’t mean as much as it did ten years ago. At that time, it was advantageous to put a few keywords in the website URL. E.g.

Remember you need to project confidence!

Today, the name in the URL doesn’t matter that much. In terms of getting found in Google search results, it’s the content on the page and the publicity you get from other sites (backlinks) that counts.

BUT a startling name is certainly not uninteresting.

If everything fails you can use your name.

Or you can use these online services: LeanDomainSearch or

Once you have found your name, check if it has been live before here: Way Back Machine.

It’s good to know if it has a bad reputation and Google didn’t like it in the past. It takes Google a long time to forget old grudges!

Also check if there are a lot of spammy backlinks on the domain here:

Spammy links can be disavowed in Google, but it is a little extra work.

Of course, you may find a good name that has a good history and good backlinks and thus a higher page rank (which you can also check on ahrefs).

Then you get some free start help right there! SEO experts are looking for these kind of domains all the time.

3. Find Super Fast Hosting.

Find fast hosting

Speed is paramount today. It’s a critical ranking factor! If your page is slow, Google thinks it’s going to be a bad experience for users and it’s not entirely wrong. People don’t have many seconds of patience when it comes to waiting for a website.

We have tested almost all hosting companies in Denmark and there are only two that really work. That is, the top of the elite. It is not at all the big companies that spend a lot of money on ads.

It’s actually two small companies.

First place unconditionally goes to, but they are closely pursued by!

These are the only two companies in Denmark that live up to hosting a website that lives

If we are talking the United States we are talking about,, and But check them! If they don’t upgrade their servers they get behind and that happens to some hosting companies.

4. Install WordPress And Find A Great Theme.

Install WordPress

This is the easiest of these points. Download WordPress from and upload it to your host. If you’re going to use a theme, then for God’s (or your own) sake, don’t buy themes on themeforest or similar places. They are a LOT of work and it’s going to be too expensive in the long run.

Either use a free theme like Ashe or find one in WordPress when you get it booted up. You can also spend a small amount of money to buy DIVI and invest a week in getting to know it. DIVI will make everything easier in the long term even if you have to spend time, in the beginning, getting to know the theme.

This blog is made in DIVI. DIVI can do anything! Read more about DIVI here.

5. Create An Email List

Blogging tips for beginners

You can start by installing MailPoet in WordPress. It is a plugin and helps you get people to sign up for your newsletter. With MailPoet you can have up to 2000 mails registered for free. After that, you need to upgrade or find another solution. There is a bit of work in moving mails from one system to another.

You can also sign up to an online mailing list. There are many of them, but they all cost money. They can all be obtained for a low amount of money in the beginning and then you can purchase functionality as you get more subscribers.

We have used Imnica Mail. They are inexpensive, but the design of mail series is a bit cumbersome with them. There are,, MailChimp and we just have to remember which is a $7 a month system that works pretty well. Here you get all the functionality from the start and only have to upgrade when you hit some higher mail limits. Very reasonably built so people who are not yet making money can also join in.

We use which costs a lump sum of $75 and can be installed in a sub-library under your website. There is also a lot of work with Maian and if you are not very technical, do not choose Maian. Take MailPoet instead. The free version of Maian only supports one campaign.


6. Ready To Write

10 steps to create a good blog

Writing is a mixture of discipline and inspiration. If the inspiration is not present, use the discipline and discover that inspiration will show up! Magic!

Regularity is important! Decide how often/what days you want to publish new articles.

You can find images on or And there are several others, but you’ll go a long way with these two. Be careful about using Google to find free images!!! They’re not that good at finding free images.

Free images read this.


7. Search Engine Optimization.

10 Blogging Tips For Beginners

Now you need to do keyword analysis. You can do this by signing up for a Google Ads account and using their online keyword tool. It’s free.

You need to find keywords people are using. Keywords that don’t have too much competition while still having a decent search volume.

Keywords with low competition are easier to rank for, but the search volume is lower. Therefore, you may need to create more articles based on other keywords to get enough traffic.

Then you look through your text and find places you can merge your keywords into your text in a natural way.

You can also swap step 6 and 7 so you have the keywords before you start writing, but the risk is that you will write articles for the search engines instead of your readers!

Researching keywords takes some time. You need keywords with as high search volume as possible AND AT THE SAME TIME as low competition as possible!

I based this article on these keywords:

“How 2 Create A Blog”

“To Create A Blog”

“Creating Your Own Free Blog Using WordPress”

“Setting Up A Free Blog Using WordPress Step By Step”

8. Promote Your Blog

Blogging tips for beginners

Driving traffic to your blog is vital! You’ll need to spend too much of your time doing that in the beginning. But there’s no way around it. You can get traffic from keyword optimization. You can get a lot more by using social media and you can get the most by using Google Ads. But Google Ads is expensive and doesn’t always pay off. Therefore, there are many who burn their fingers on it.

It’s also not a bad idea to make free traffic work first. Then it’s easier to get a direction on AdWords so you don’t waste as much money on ads.

Sign up to a Pinterest account or create a Facebook group/page where you can gather people together over time and post your articles. Regular posting is a must.

For some, Twitter can be a great place to post.

Or maybe your audience is on Instagram?

Instagram and Pinterest speak to great pictures and if you can find the right pictures, you can also attract readers.

And then your email signup must be active in getting visitors to your page. Newsletters are great at driving traffic and those who sign up are interested! So make them regular visitors/customers.

9. Monetize Your Blog

Blogging tips for beginners

If you want to monetize your article, there are several options.

You can write articles that deal with or relate to a product. Or you can find a product that fits your article.

You can find products by signing up to places like,, or others that offer digital products.

You can sign up to an AdSense account and show ads, but it takes 30,000 visitors a day for it to make money of importance. And maybe advertising also weakens trust in your blog?

You can also sell your own products. Courses, coaching, ebooks, etc.

Under no. 3 you can see how I have used an affiliate link to and under no. 4 there is an affiliate link to DIVI. If someone needs to use hosting and buys through that link I get a little money.

The link is only a demonstration because people reading this article are only in the process of deciding the overall lines. Therefore I would be able to sell more by creating another article that is solely about choosing a host and targeting people who are actively looking for a good host.

10. Go To No. 6 And Write Your Next Article

Blogging tips for beginners

Now it is only a loop from no. 6 to no. 10!

There is not much relaxation in the early days of starting a blog. Managing and developing your own blog is a full-time job and for many people, it is an advantage to be two, or at least to have an accountability partner.

When your blog takes off and you start to make a lot of money, you should consider outsourcing SEO and marketing and maybe some of the writing. That way, you can find time to be creative and to develop the blog to new heights.

Your Blog Is Now Ready For Serving The Internet People

Once you’ve gotten started with your blog, we’ll look at security, caching, and strategy, but that’s another story that we’ll return to later.

If you want more sign up for the 10-day challenge that will help you day by day, step by step to set up your blog.

How to Chose Keywords

Here are all the keywords I considered for this article found with the Google Ads keyword tool. I mainly used the first three. The first two should be easy to rank for and get 5-10 visitors a month. No. 3 should bring in a little more.

10 tips to create a blog – 5 monthly searches – Competition unknown
how 2 create a blog – 50 monthly searches – Competition unknown
to create a blog – 500 monthly searches – Low competition (5 of 100)


I put in a few of these in places where it felt naturally:

creating your own free blog using wordpress steps – 50 monthly searches – Low competition (9 of 100)
creating your own free blog using wordpress – 50 monthly searches – Low competition (19 of 100)
setting up a free blog using wordpress step by step – 500 monthly searches – Low competition (20 of 100) – This is a good one
steps to create a blog in wordpress – 50 monthly searches – Low competition (23 of 100)
wordpress blog creation tutorial – 50 monthly searches – Low competition (24 of 100)
how to make a successful blog – 500 monthly searches – Low competition (32 of 100) – This is a good one

how to make a successful blog and make money – 50 monthly searches – Medium competition (34 of 100)
building a successful blog – 50 monthly searches – Medium competition (38 of 100)
making a successful blog – 500 monthly searches – Medium competition (43 of 100)
how to create a successful blog and make money – 50 monthly searches – Medium competition (51 of 100)
how to be a successful blogger and make money – 50 monthly searches – Medium competition (52 of 100)
how to start a successful blog for free – 50 monthly searches – Medium competition (6134 of 100)
how to have a successful blog and make money – 50 monthly searches – High competition (70 of 100)
how to set up a successful blog – 50 monthly searches – High competition (73 of 100)


I also considered these but the competition was too high so it would be difficult to rank for because the domain Rank of the blog is only 10 at this time. When it rises to 25 I will begin to consider using these keywords in related articles:

blogging tips for beginners – 500 monthly searches – Avg. Competition (23 of 100)
create blog – 50.000 monthly searches – Avg. Competition (53 of 100)
start blog – 50.000 monthly searches – Avg. Competition (53 of 100)
how to create a blog – 50.000 monthly searches – Avg. Competition (50 of 100)
how to make a blog – 50.000 monthly searches – Avg. Competition (46 of 100)
how to start a blog for free – 5.000 monthly searches – Avg. Competition (54 of 100)
how to start a blog and make money – 5.000 monthly searches – Avg. Competition (53 of 100)

If you have an old blog with a high Domain Rating – above 50, (use Ahrefs to check) it is much easier to rank for difficult search terms. If your blog is new with a low Domain Rating you need to use low competition search terms.

By David Holywood

Author of 10 books for men in relationships and 2 huge novels. Web designer and SEO expert since 1999. Hard Core user of Google Ads, Google Business Profile, AdSense, Analytics & Search Console. Expert in Speed & Load Optimization. Musician. Composer & Martial Artist.

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