The Zero Theory – Evolutionary Theory about Leadership in the Future

March 23, 2023
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The Zero Theory

Hold on tight, because the Zero Theory is about to shake things up! This groundbreaking Evolutionary Theory offers an explanation for the chaos and confusion that seems to be plaguing the world these days. You see, since the dawn of time, evolution has pushed us to divide and conquer in order to survive. It’s been essential to quickly identify friends and foes – whether they’re animals or other humans – and act accordingly. This basic “survival of the fittest” strategy has created two types of beings: the Predator and the Prey.

Evolution is in its midlife crisis right now.

But now, we’re at a crossroads – a midlife crisis for the world, if you will. It’s time to bring together the opposing forces of our nature: the Ego and the Shadow. This is a chance for our inner masculine and feminine sides to come face to face and confront all the things we’re afraid of in our relationships – from intimacy to honesty and beyond. We’re on the brink of a major shift in the paradigm of our existence. And the stakes couldn’t be higher: the survival of the human race hangs in the balance. It’s a simple choice: evolve or face extinction.

Buckle up, because if we keep playing the same old game of dividing the world into enemies and allies, we’re heading straight towards an epic disaster! It’s time to wake up and realize that the survival skills we’ve learned thus far are completely outdated. Trying to apply yesterday’s solutions to tomorrow’s problems is like trying to plug a 21st century device into an old, rusty socket – it’s a recipe for catastrophe!

We need to break free from the shackles of our past and start thinking outside the box. That’s why we’re introducing ‘The Zero Theory’ – a game-changing approach to life and leadership. It’s time to stop dividing the world into good and bad, and start seeing things as a whole.

This is no easy feat, mind you. The leaders of tomorrow will need to be honest and possess integrity to such an extreme degree that their every word and action can withstand any challenge. We need to develop new and better tools to tackle the challenges of our times, and it all starts with embracing creativity and thinking from a place of wholeness. Are you ready to step up and lead the charge towards a brighter future?


Reptilian brain

We’ve been evolving for millions of years and our brains are no exception! Our deepest and most primal brain, the Reptilian brain, is like a supercomputer that’s been fine-tuned to ensure only the fittest survive. It’s constantly collecting information about what’s good and bad for us, and using that knowledge to make life or death decisions.


Mammalian brain

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Our mammalian brain has been evolving for hundreds of thousands of years and is responsible for housing our emotions – which, by the way, are incredibly complex and polarized.


Neo Cortex

And then there’s the new kid on the block, the Neo Cortex. This is the brain region responsible for language, and it’s what sets us apart from every other creature on the planet. With the Neo Cortex, we’re able to categorize and compartmentalize everything around us, making sense of the world so we can navigate our way through life. We have only used Neo Cortes for roughly 35.000 years.


For the past seventy years, we’ve been on a wild ride trying to understand the opposite sex! Women have been breaking free from traditional gender roles and pursuing careers, while men have been getting in touch with their nurturing side and learning to change diapers. And let’s be real – this paradigm shift has caused more than a few divorces along the way!

But it wasn’t always like this. Prior to 1940, men and women needed each other to survive and thrive. It was a delicate dance, an agreement (marriage) we made to ensure the survival of our species.

Fast forward to the last decade, and we’re seeing a resurgence of traditional gender roles. Men are reclaiming their masculinity, which in turn is allowing women to embrace their femininity once again. But don’t get it twisted – we’re not forgetting all that we’ve learned along the way!

So, what have we learned? We’ve learned that gender roles are fluid and constantly evolving. We’ve learned that men and women are more alike than we are different. And most importantly, we’ve learned that when we work together, we can achieve greatness. So, let’s continue to break down barriers and embrace our differences – because in the end, it’s what makes us human.

Listen up, because this is a game-changing lesson we’ve learned: we’re on a journey towards becoming complete and whole beings. Men are embracing their inner femininity, while women are integrating masculinity into their lives. And that’s precisely why the strategies of the past no longer work – we need a new approach that embraces wholeness! Dividing the world is an outdated approach. In a world that is becoming more and more global our new approach needs to be a holistic approach.


The Frontal lobe

Brain Bin

We need to forget all our survival strategies because we don’t need them to dictate our behavior anymore.

We are talking about yet another brain. Brain number four! The Frontal Lobes.

This is the board room with me as the CEO. This is from here I listen to the three other brains. What do they tell me. From my board room I make the conscious decisions. No instinctive or emotional unconscious reactions.

This is where I make the best decisions because I listen to what others have to say. And I can make a decision that covers broadly ant thereby minimizing the chances of a bad decision and failure. This is the way AI works by the way.

When we balance our inner opposites – our meta-masculinity and meta-femininity, to be exact – we unlock a whole new world of possibilities. One of the biggest secrets we’ve uncovered is that a balanced life leads to an open and growing heart. We all know that living in extremes – like killing – causes the heart to shut down in order to protect ourselves from the pain of the world.

But when we become whole beings, our hearts are no longer divided. This paves the way for a new level of creativity that we’ve yet to explore. The alternative? Continuing to divide ourselves and the world until we create our own personal hells!

As a true leader, it’s up to you to lead the way. Don’t let the old leaders lead us astray – embrace wholeness and unlock the infinite potential of a balanced life!

Rean more about True Leadership here.

By David Holywood

Author of 10 books for men in relationships and 2 huge novels. Web designer and SEO expert since 1999. Hard Core user of Google Ads, Google Business Profile, AdSense, Analytics & Search Console. Expert in Speed & Load Optimization. Musician. Composer & Martial Artist. Psycho Therapist.

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