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If you want to learn how to start a blog and make money, then read here and get the TEN basic steps on how to do it!

Yes, I know the struggle! I know how much time goes into writing and marketing. True – This it isn’t a job that happens to you without working. A lot! I spent 10 months writing and writing and posting my articles everywhere. I had 5-10 views a day until it slowly began to take off. Slowly!

I know the pain and I have given up a few times. Just to pick it up again and try harder!

It was frustrating to look at the stats and see they didn’t move. But it takes time. I don’t know anyone who did this overnight. It takes time and a lot of work.

But Blogging is for everyone! More and more people are creating their own blogs and many are making money on them!

YES! It is a dream life to be your own boss and manage your own working hours! It is a new level of freedom!!!


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When I started I had to figure out everything myself. It took sooooo much time and I really want to save you from doing too many mistakes.

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Dave says:

“What got me hooked was The 10-day challenge on email!, That was what started my blogging adventure. I am still new to this but I can see progress every day now.”

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