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Write an Article

It can be difficult to find inspiration for an article and many people procrastinate like sleepwalkers while waiting for inspiration. But here are a few very important things that will help you write something incredible! Here are 14 great article writing tips.

The most important thing is to get started! It’s like a water tap. If you are waiting for someone to come by and open it, you have to wait a very long time! But if you take the initiative and responsibility yourself, you open the tap right away! So get the pedal to the metal NOW!


When you start out, it is almost certain that your direction is not correct from the start. It’s like leaving your garage, driving slowly out of your driveway, out of your neighbourhood, through half of the city and only when you are on the highway you can speed things up!

Here Is How To Write An Article

Article writing isn’t hard! But you have to get started. And that’s the hard thing! It always is because the brain need time to adjust. These are my proven steps to write an article, that works every time.

When writing an article, compare the reader’s experience to a mountain hike. Imagine a small mountain. And that you are the one who guides the hiker to the top. It must not be too difficult to get up there and you need to encourage them along the way. If it’s too steep, people give up. If it’s too flat, it’s getting boring. The reader must be ‘lured’ to read because the view from the top is AMAZING!

1. Power Words

Use easy-to-read language and lots of descriptive words to create a mood or feeling in the reader. DO NOT use unnecessary words and wordings, but use understandable expert phrases. Wise people call it Storytelling because it is entertainment.

You can use anticipation. Like this: “I will teach you Hot To Write Something Incredible. BUT first, we need to look at the basics!”

Then you go through the basics and build up anticipation and in the end, you spill the beans.

2. The Length Of Your Article

Your article should be +600 words – preferably over 1000 if you can keep the excitement and dynamics. 2.500 words is great but don’t write a thin 2.500-word article. Instead, write a 1.000 words content-rich article.

3. Forget About Typos When You Start Writing

Do not think about typos and punctuation in the beginning. Just let go, full steam ahead and let your creativity kick in. Proofreading is not important at this stage. Creativity should be in focus. Not correct spelling.

4. Don’t Wait For Inspiration! Just write even if it is gibberish!

Simply start typing. Don’t think about how bad it is. Allow it even if it is bad. In a couple of minutes, it will get better. This way you invite inspiration. Slowly but surely! It is like starting a car. You don’t drive 80 Mph the first split second! You start slowly and automatically you pick up speed! A total hit is if you read an article you liked, tell yourself you can do that even better in your own language and add your own opinion and images.

If you are totally out of ideas just start writing a review article about one of your favourite things or maybe one of your anti favourite things. Or find a review or an article on the net and write it better! Add your own stuff! Bring something new to the table.

5. Use Passion And Put Excitement In Your Articles.

Always think about substance and content. Do not write a ‘thin’ article. No one bothers to read that kind of shit unless they are on the loo in jail, and have read everything there is to read in the library. Do your research when you have written your article. This will give you even more inspiration to put into your article.

Write the article as if you are the Washington Post and have exclusive rights and exclusivity on the subject. Write as if you were a professor in the subject. As an authority that knows what you are writing about. Remember on your About Page humbly to mention how much experience you have in this area. That you are among the experts when it comes to the subject you are writing about – without getting complicated scientific. Some choose to write a short exclusive biography with a small picture at the bottom of the article.

Don’t use passive words and avoid past tense. Write in present tense and project a dream into the future. “What if…” or “Imagine for a second…” sentences.

What if you had the money to do whatever you want? Imagine you have a lifestyle that makes you happy every day. The passive version: Imagine if you had a lifestyle that made you happy. You probably see the difference between passive and active sentences?

6. How To Get Authority

Make sure you always have great arguments and good points – preferably for as well as against! It makes your article more credible, and also involves doubters in your target audience. In the United States, it is called swing states. They always elect a Vice President who stands for some of the views of the Presidents opponents.

8. Use This Model When You Write An Article

  • Image
  • Explanation
  • Argumentation
  • Conclusion

Start your article with a picture, continue with an explanation, go on with your argumentation and viewpoints and end it with understanding, insight and aha experiences. Remember paragraphs and illustrations.

9. Formatting Your Article

Using paragraphs with only a few lines make your text much easier to read. Only use 2-3 lines in each paragraph. Use subheadings and ensure a good and manageable structure that makes your article easy to read.

My paragraphs start with a header (H3), and continue with some text and ideally an image or some infographics.  

Sign up for an account at Grammarly if you need help with grammar.

10. Don’t Try To Sell!

People hate to discover that the purpose of your article is to sell them something when they would much rather be entertained. Just give the reader a good experience. And if it is relevant put an affiliate link somewhere in the bottom, and tell people in your text that you sometimes use affiliate links. Be honest.

11. Make It Easy To Sign Up For Your News Letter

Make sure people can sign up for your newsletter so you can send them a link to future articles. It will boost your articles, build your Tribe and generate more traffic for your new article.

12. Call to action!

Not for sale but for action (which can be a sale). Follow a link. Press a button. Download for free, read more here or …

Can I write about multiple things on my blog?

Write an article

Well, it depends on what the focus of your blog is. Don’t confuse people, but stick to your overall plan (and headlines) of your blog.

If your page is called Carrots in 100 ways it’s probably wise to stick to carrot variations as a focal point. If it’s called Recipes with Carrots, the subject is even narrower.

If your blog is called Jennifer’s Life, Jennifer is the focal point, and then you can write about everything Jennifer thinks, feels, eats and deals with.

May The Muse be with you!


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