How to TRULY heal the world!

And yourself!


Heal the World

Human Thinking Is Limited

For thousands of years, humans have been using the exact same strategy to resolve conflicts. Conflicts in the outer world as well as those you experience in your inner world.

A divided mind tries to solve conflicts by dividing wholeness.

A healed mind tries to solve conflicts by healing the parts.

This is so obvious and I am having a hard time trying to comprehend why most people can’t see what is right in front of their noses.

Two Kinds of Healing

1. Unconscious. Two parts try to outbalance each other. Eternal parttaking. Splitting. Because when you take part for one of the sides the balance tilts.

2. Conscious. Unity. The two divided parts are brought together in healing and Unity. Healing. If you don’t take part you wont influence the balance in any negative way.

Balance in Nature
Time heals all wounds

It is said that time heals all wounds. But that’s a lie. Time doesn’t heal. Time just cover the trauma with layers after layers and eventually we lose that part of our selves. This is not healing. This is loss.

World-Class Healing

Our minds are divided. We are programmed to divide things. It is only when you truly happen to heal your own heart that you know what true healing is.

If your left arm hurts you don’t cut it off – right? If your left foot hurts you don’t cut it off – right?

But when the world hurts in a war you take part. Some take part for one country. Others take part for another. This is NOT healing. This is DIVIDING! Which only escalates the conflict!


We have done this since the beginning of mankind and the world is STILL divided.

If you wanna heal the world, your heart and your mind you HAVE to adopt another strategy. Something that works long term. Something that goes against what nearly every human being believe.



World Class Decision Making

For the divided mind it is fast and easy to make a decision. Simply because half the facts are not considered to be existing. 

The divided mind doesn’t care about the opponent’s view. The only thing that counts is MY view.

The healed mind has a genuine interest in listening to other angles. This of course takes more time, but it ensures a much higher degree of success because the decision is the correct decision for a lot more people.

Fast decisions are short-sighted.

How to make the best decission

So what is World Class Healing?

Evolution has four steps of consciousness for us.

  1. The divided mind (and heart).
  2. The healed mind (and heart).
  3. The collective mind.
  4. The unified mind.


  1. 95% of humans are still at the first stage.
  2. 4% have to some degree got an understanding of what the healed mind really is.
  3. 1%% of humans have a genuine experience with the collective mind.
  4. 1 out of a million knows the unified mind.


The divided mind is always at war. On a deep psychological level, we are at war with ourselves because our minds are divided in Ego and Shadow (consciousness and unconsciousness).


But everything that is unconscious is projected onto someone. This is basically the only way the universe can show us ourselves in order for us to get to know our unconsciousness and grow into healing! Unfortunately, we mistake our perception and trick ourselves to believe that our own evil is the other persons in the room!


We can support this process and heal a lot faster. We can avoid a lot of diseases as many diseases are grown in our Shadow. By Healing ourselves we also cure ourselves! Gradually over time.


Below you can download a very efficient healing practice. But only do it if you are serious about yourself. Only do it if you are ready to take 100% responsibility for yourself and truly stop blaming others.


You will experience more peace in your mind and this will affect the world we live in!


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