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Free Images

There is an old saying: A picture is worth a thousand words!

And on top of that, some images even ask questions!

The only one who doesn’t think so is Google. Well… They are getting better at understanding images. But they have a long way to go yet, so we still have to describe our images to Google in image tags.

But we also need to find great images or videos that support our articles.

Here is a list of sites where you can download beautiful free images for your website.

There are hundreds of stock image sites out there, but we also got a great number of sites where we can download FREE images! Some of the commercial sites also have free downloads but are often connected with terms like you have to post a link to the site.

This is a list of these which I have used a lot.

  13. –  Select “Commercial use & mods allowed” under the “Any license” filter to find those images, and remember to check the license for each image as they vary.
  14. is a commercial site but they have free images you can use under different terms.


Image Compression

Downloading images and uploading them to WordPress without resizing them is a huge mistake! Your site will become slooooooow! If you download an image in 6000 * 5000 pixels you want to reduce it manually to 800 * 600 or whatever size you need. Cut it to the biggest size you want to use on your website, then upload it for compression.

Image compression is important too. Images have to load fast and this is the way to do it. There are a few sites out there that will help you compress your images after you cut them to the right size. 



Or use a WordPress plugin to do the compression for you:

  1. Smush
  2. EWWW Image Optimizer


Downloadable tools for compression you can install on your PC if you want to do it yourself:

  1. Riot
  2. Gimp – although it is quite complicated.


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