DIVI vs Elementor

March 13, 2022

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Elegant Themes vs Elementor

When I started creating websites I always used free themes. Simply because they were free! And there are bazillions of free themes out there! The supply is endless. The only catch is that free themes very often have a link at the bottom to the designer’s website.

A link to the designer’s website doesn’t actually hurt your site. But with Google’s newest updates, the designer doesn’t really get much from it anymore.

These themes are often designed in a way that demands you to keep the link, but it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t hurt your blog at all.

Free themes are often simpler versions of a professional theme, but in most cases, you can easily start out with a free theme. Simply go to Google and type: Free WordPress Themes.

At some point, I wanted more. So I started buying themes at Themeforest/Envato. They have thousands of themes and they are often very beautiful. The downside is they have to compete on functionality so when you buy a theme you get a ton of functionality you will never use.

But there is another problem.

I experienced time after time that these theme designers used third-party plugins and modules and eventually some of them went out of business and left the theme in ruins. And there is nothing to do about it. Besides, you have to BUY updates on a regular basis and it isn’t always easy to update these themes. You really need some tech skills as the process is never automated.

But the worst thing about buying themes on Themeforest is that half the themes I have bought on ThemeForest has disappeared and there is NO update available anymore! This is an error message I have to eat every time I log in to Theme Forest:

Download not available
Item removed by either staff or the author

Nice! Right?

So I decided to stop using paid themes. They became too expensive and they demanded way too much of my attention and work.

Free WordPress Themes

If you want to start out with as few expenses as possible you should got for themes from the WordPress repository. You will find this when you log into your WordPress site and click Appearance/Themes from the Admin menu to the left.

You can find a lot of great themes here. I used to find themes this way and one theme I liked in particular is ASHE. You can see a demo on ASHE here: The Million Dollar Guru Blog. I have used that a lot! It is fast, simple and stable!


The one Theme I would recommend is DIVI

Before jumping on the DIVI wagon I tried the Thesis theme which was great. But it is ONLY for people who understand CSS and HTML. It is NOT a theme you should buy if you aren’t a hard-core CSS specialist. I did it because it was the best SEO theme at the time.

Don’t get me wrong! I have used Elementor for many years before I bought DIVI!

One day I sat down and decided the time had come to find something new that worked great. So I looked at every builder I could find. A few years ago I tried WP-Bakery – Later called Visual Composer. I knew Gutenberg, Beaver Builder and Genesis. Genesis (with the Mai theme) is simple and fast. But I ended up with two giants. Probably the biggest and best builders that exist today. Elementor and DIVI. They are both great frameworks.

You can’t do fancy things with Genesis and it integrates perfectly with WordPress and Gutenberg – because it is the same developers. You can make a blog and it is fast when it loads. Here is an example:

Mai Theme for Genesis Showcase Archive » BizBudding Inc.

I think Elementor is more complicated than DIVI. Things are better organized in DIVI and easier to find. But there are pretty much no limits to what you can do in both.

What made me go for DIVI was two things:

The Price.

You buy ONE license to DIVI and you can distribute it freely to all of your clients with NO extra expense. At all.

ELementor is way more expensive than DIVI and your customers need to buy a license – which is cheap.

The Support.

I can’t describe in words how much I hated Elementor support. Only email support and it would always take at least one day to get an answer. With a question. Which you answer and before you know it 3-4 days has passed and you are getting nowhere. And that was supposed to be premium support.

DIVI has online chat support 24/7 and generally it only takes a few hours to get in contact. And BOY they are great. Always kind and very skilled. You can ask the the craziest CSS things and they will answer you with working code.


Elementor as well as DIVI takes time to learn. Spend the first month or two educating yourself.


I actually make money on selling the DIVI theme and so can you! You get 50% of the sales price for every license you sell! If you want to buy it go here: Buy DIVI Theme

As soon as you have bought it you can become an affiliate too!

With DIVI you can do anything. DIVI comes with a ton of templates and if you want to make it easy for yourself, simply choose one of the templates that suits you and start from there. It took me only a few hours to create my first simple website with DIVI and it took a week to get to know DIVI.

If you have a problem then use google! There are so many great DIVI help videos out there.

Or even better – Chat with DIVI support. They are fantastic!

The first DIVI design I made was actually a copy of the ASHE theme! Here it is: TrinitySisters.net

And here is the original ASHE Theme: The Million Dollar Guru Blog.

Frequently asked Questions about Pagebuilders.

Does Elementor work with DIVI?

NO! Well you actually can if you use the plugin versions. But that would be stupid. Use either DIVI or Elementor.

Gutenberg vs. DIVI

Unfair to compare these as Gutenberg is far behind DIVI and Elementor in functionality. Gutenberg is fast though.

Is Elementor Faster than DIVI.

NO. They are pretty much the same speed. Frontend as well as backend. You obtain speed by using superfast hosting and cache plugins.

Which is better? DIVI or Elementor.

Which is better? MAC or PC. Christianity or Buddhism.

DIVI vs Elementor Speed

Great! I thought you’d never ask!

It is insane to discuss if DIVI or Elementor is the fastest. Off the bat, they are very much alike. If you want speed you choose the theme you prefer and buy a superfast LiteSpeed server/hosting for your website. Then you install a LiteSpeed Cache plugin and a few plugins to remove bloating. Then you got speed!

The backend speed is pretty much the same. But the new DIVI 5 will be updated with super fast backend speed.

Divi and Elementor are both popular WordPress page builder plugins that allow users to create and customize websites without needing to code. Here’s a general comparison between the two based on common features and user experiences up to that point:

User Interface:

Divi: Divi offers a unique and visually oriented interface with a real-time visual editor. It includes a drag-and-drop builder and a variety of content modules.
Elementor: Elementor also provides a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface. It’s known for its live front-end editor, allowing users to see changes in real time.
Content Elements:

Divi: Divi comes with a range of content modules and elements that users can insert into their layouts.
Elementor: Elementor offers a comprehensive set of widgets and elements for building diverse page layouts.
Pre-built Templates:

Divi: Divi includes a large collection of pre-built layouts and templates, making it easier for users to start building their websites.
Elementor: Elementor also provides a library of templates, allowing users to import complete page designs.
Customization Options:

Divi: Divi is known for its extensive customization options, providing control over various design elements.
Elementor: Elementor offers a high level of customization, with the ability to control styling, spacing, and other design aspects.

Divi: Divi has focused on improving performance, and updates may bring enhancements to speed and efficiency.
Elementor: Elementor has also been optimized for performance, and updates aim to improve speed and reduce resource usage.

Divi: Divi follows a subscription model, where users pay annually or as a one-time lifetime fee for access to the Divi theme and builder.
Elementor: Elementor offers a free version with limited features, and a Pro version with additional features, available on an annual subscription basis.
Community and Support:

Divi: Divi has an active community and provides support through chat, forums and documentation.
Elementor: Elementor also has a large user community, and support is available through forums, documentation, and a support ticket system for Pro users.

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    Nice! I already bought DIVI some months ago. Had to invest a week in teaching myself how to use it, but I am very happy with DIVI.


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