Trinity Sisters – Dirty Business

October 10, 2022

Trinity Sisters – Dirty Business

Trafficking is close to my heart. I HATE people who exploits others. I especially hate people who exploit those who can’t defend themselves.

I have a few girlfriends who have been molested as childs. By family members. Usually uncles and fathers. And the mother was a silent accomplish. The mothers always knew what happened but they did nothing.

I didn’t know much about trafficking ten years ago, but meeting yet another woman who was molested for years as a child kickstarted my learning.

She didn’t know her self. She had suppressed everything, but her sex life slowly got ruined and this started a long process at a councellor until she found out what had happened. It wasn’t nice.

Trafficking is the business of the future. It is the fastest growing business in the world.

We need to stop it.

This is why I introduce Debra and Dirty Business to you:

Debra - Trinity Sisters - Dirty Business

My name is Debra. I have a story. A very important story! If I may say so.

I have written a book from my experiences in fighting trafficking and paedophiles. And I want you to read it.

Trinity Sisters – Dirty Business is a book about the largest shadow in the world. It is a book about real life.

A story about violence, abuse, killing, sex trafficking, struggle, money, corruption, gunrunning, drugs, war, loneliness, fear, emptiness, survival and dirty business – and I mean really dirty business! Filthy like H***!

About a family violently torn apart, separated in childhood and how the Trinity Sisters got reunited by destiny.

If you want to learn how Passion and Dedication are crafted this is the book for you!

It took us five years to write this book, but the result is fantastic.

Check it out here!

We all live our nice lives, and we have no idea what is going on in the shadows. Did you know that the OSS teamed up with the mafia to fight Nazism? OSS was later renamed to the CIA. They never stopped that cooperation, and the CIA has been using the mafia whenever they needed someone taken out that couldn’t hit the CIA in the ass later.

Do you know Michael Ruppert busted the CIA director John Deutsch so hard with cocaine import that he lost his job?

Do you know that the CIA transported cocaine to the US and sold it on the streets in order to make money that wasn’t accountable? Did you know that trafficking is the fastest-growing business in the world? Guns and drugs can only be sold once. But women and children can be sold 10 times a day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Do you know that State Intelligence in every major country runs prostitution in order to get dirty material on powerful human beings? Check Prince Andrew and Epstein! They have been doing this since World War 2.

Do you know that trafficking exists in EVERY SINGLE country in the world? No exception!

You probably didn’t and in order not to feel helpless you probably just won’t think about it.

I didn’t know. But when I learned that one of my sisters Lenora was raped by our stepfather over a period of ten years and my other sister Angelica was kidnapped and trafficked to Albania.

I didn’t know about trafficking when Len and I started looking for Angelica. But the deeper we came into the belly of the beast, the uglier it became. Still today I can’t fathom that anyone can be so irresponsible and care nothing about other people. How can you make money on rape and murder? I can’t get it into my head, and that is why I understand why people close their eyes and keep living in ignorance.

Len and I were kinda sucked slowly into this business when we searched for Angel. Slowly we uncovered how cruel and degrading this business is.

We cleaned some of it, but there are many dirty trafficking organizations left out there. And they buy government officials with money or girls, or even children – YES many of our leaders are paedophiles and should be locked up forever.

We learned that almost everything is corrupt. Judges, police officers, politicians, governments, companies, known actors… The list goes on and on.

Coach – Daves’ right hand and Goldie – one of Daves’ best friends crawled the web and examined the phones and laptops we seized from our adversaries and compiled a list of more than 30,000 names who were involved in trafficking and paedophilia.

We learned that the CIA and the mafia have worked together since the end of World War II and this cooperation exist even today. CIA still use the mafia to do the dirty work.

We also learned that Intelligence services are involved in the trafficking of underage girls for one purpose only. They lure politicians and powerful people to have sex with minors while they record the act and voila! They own yet another politician! The CIA is a state in the state and it will soon consume the state as we know it.

Today 10 years later we see the connection to Fuckingham palace. But Prince Andrew is not the only one. Epstein had dirt on many more. He thought of it as his life insurrance, but he was mistaken – which is why he became a liability and had to be removed. He worked with the CIA so if someone should try to find his killer I suggest they start with The White House.

We also saw the connection to Hollywood – Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Tom Hanks. According to Corey Feldman the bigggest problem in Holywood is paedophilia. And he is right. There are still hundreds of names on our list.

Epstein wasn’t the only one. There are at least ten more in the US we know of who work with Intelligence services to produce dirt on high ranking persons. Robertson – whom we took down was just one more. And we still have his archives.

We have sent DVD’s to some of them just to let them know they are exposed.


Here are some facts about sexual abuse in the United States:

760,000 people in the US are registered sex offenders. In the US there are 42 MILLION survivors of sex abuse and according to our research, there are at least 500,000 active sexual predators on the Internet EVERY SINGLE DAY! Mostly hunting for children!

1.6% of all children between 12 and 17 in the US have been sexually abused.

30% of all sexual abuse victims are assaulted by family members.

Children with disabilities are 3 times more susceptible to sexual assault. (We live in a world of true perverts).

I guess you didn’t know but the world is in very bad condition. The world needs YOU to learn and spread the message.

I also need to address poverty. One day of the total US military budget will end homelessness forever! Still the US sends weapons for billions of dollars to Ukraine. Or they think they send them to Ukraine. They actually don’t know. But it doesn’t matter. The point of this business is that the military industrial complex makes a hell of a lot of taxpayer money every time more weapons are sent to Ukraine. Or supposedly to Ukraine.

The reason why poverty is close to my heart is that both my sisters lived on the streets for several years.

Lenora saved her friend Street Harry from some muggers and she visited him on the hospital the day after. This is her touching and heart breaking story from Detroit:



The next day I went to Henry Ford’s to see if I could find him. It was a long and cold walk, but I had to know.

I asked a nurse in the emergency room if they got an elderly homeless man in yesterday.

She looked at her computer monitor and wrote something on the keyboard.

– What’s his name?
– Dunno.

Her fingers danced on the keyboard. Sounded like Fred Astaire dancing.

She was silent for a moment while she waited for the computer to respond. I think her hands were too fast for that tech thing.

– Come with me. We got an elderly man in who was mugged last night. It might be him you are looking for.

– He got severely beaten up. Got a lot of injuries and needs to stay here a few days, but he should be fairly ok.

We took the stairs up to one of the upper floors. I followed the nurse through long corridors, and we ended up in a room with four beds, of which three were empty and yes! It was him.

– Hi there! I said.

– Ohh… It’s you! My Guardian angel!

– That’s me, all right. Aren’t you a little too old to involve yourself in a fight like that?

– Yeah, I tried to avoid it, but it seemed inevitable.

He tried to sit up in the bed but couldn’t get up, so the nurse and I helped him.

– Boy, I’m glad you showed up! My name is Harry, by the way. People know me as Street Harry!

– I’m Lenora. But they call me Quiet. Are you doing all right?

– I will live. Thanks to you.

– No problem. I said and gave him 5 highs.

– It’s nice of you to check in on me, but how on earth did you manage to handle five guys that were bigger than you?

– Well… I’m very boring. People tend to fall asleep when I come too close.

– Haha!!! He laughed somewhat in pain.

– What a great skill to have!

We talked for hours. He told me his story, and I told him some of mine. Both our pasts were stories of pain and despair.

– I can imagine with a past like yours you must be a very angry woman, right? I think that’s where you get your power and strength from. Yes, it must be!

I never thought of my past this way, but it made a lot of sense when thinking about it. All the betrayal, the abuse, and my non-existing confidence in people – especially in a certain kind of men. Yeah, I was angry. Very angry. But also sad.

I took his hand with a tear in my eye, and he looked at me with his deep, dark, and soft eyes. I felt his pain as present as my own.

– I’ve been abused my entire childhood, he said. By my father and his brothers. They raped me and made me do horrible things. My life got so messed up I couldn’t keep a job for very long. I have lived in these streets for 27 years now, and I will die here. This is my home. The only thing that ever worked for me.

– You… you… They abused you? I stuttered.

– They sure did! Back then, as a child, you know, I thought life was supposed to be like that, and I thought I was the one to blame because I didn’t fit in. For half my life, I thought something was wrong with me. I was so ashamed that sometimes I wanted to die. Does your anger come from the same kind of thing?

Boom! It was like being hit by a runaway Amtrak! He was direct, and it was spot on!

It wasn’t just a tear from my eye any longer. I was flooding his entire bed. I buried my head in his blanket.

He put his hand on my shoulder, and I asked him how he managed to live with all that pain.

– Considering the alternative, I simply had to and looking at you, I see a very strong woman trying to protect that child who got molested. It’s not your fault it happened. It is the world that is bad. Not you. You probably feel as shameful and misunderstood as I did, but the little boy inside of me now understands there was nothing he could do, and he did nothing wrong. It was my parents who failed miserably. Not me. They were wrong. Not me. That attitude helped me overcome my shame and move on. You hear me? It’s NOT you!

His words echoed through my cold and empty heart, but I sure as hell understood what he said. And listening to his words, I realized I had to let go of my past and forgive myself because I knew he was right! It wasn’t me who did something wrong! It might just be the world that is fucked up.

– I killed my stepdad.

-That’s very admirable. One scumbag less in the world to hurt us. You are a true fighter, and you can do anything you want! You have a bright future, and you will accomplish great things. I can feel it!

Harry looked right through my tough face and directly through my defensive walls. He saw ME! And it felt good to be seen and understood by one who had to live with the same kind of shit as me.

I visited Harry every day for the next half week, and on day four, he was discharged from the hospital.

The transport home was a problem, though. It would be a long walk, and Harry wasn’t fully fit for fight yet, so the way I solved that little problem was to ‘borrow’ a car and drive Harry home.

He was very impressed, but stealing a car is easy, and of course, I had to take it back to where I took it and get back in the soup line at the church at the Pope Francis Center.

Sometimes different organizations were involved in serving from the kitchen. Tonight, it was some of the officers from the 3rd and the 7th precinct, and Atwater Street Department, which were the ones closest to the church.

I couldn’t drive a stolen car too close to the church that night, so I had to dump Harry a few hundred yards away before driving the car back.

It was quite a night. I talked to many of the officers that night, and Harry and I got ourselves a huge meal. We got a delicious soup for starters and tasty chicken and rice for the main course. We talked, and we laughed. It was truly a wonderful night!

I helped the officers clean up after the event, and when Harry and I left the church, we walked down Larned St. A slightly dark street which usually is a peaceful place. I took Harry’s arm to support him while walking.

But tonight wasn’t silent. A few hundred yards ahead, something was going on. A car was parked in the middle of the street, and four people were shouting. We walked closer, and I noticed they were beating someone lying on the ground.

I shouted at them, and I ran over as fast as I could. I noticed the car was a police car but didn’t think of connecting it to the situation.

I didn’t stop to introduce myself. Jumped right in the face of the nearest. While he fell to the ground with me on top of him, I hit him twice in the face to make sure he wasn’t able to get up again.

He also kinda lost his breath when he got all my weight right in his stomach after landing.

Fast up. Looking for the strongest guy. Swung my left foot in a backward circle ending in his face and said hello to his left ear – with my foot, of course. He fell over at the police car and slid slowly down the front door.

I stopped and looked the next right into his eyes while he looked as if he tried to decide if he should attack or run. I made it easy for him. A fast front kick to his balls and a sidekick to the knee of number four, who was at my right and waving a knife. I think I heard the sound of a bone breaking, but I wasn’t sure. They both went down. They were just semi-grown-up street kids with an attitude, and the party was over.

I don’t know if it is normal. But it is like everything is going in slowmo when I do this, and I notice every single inch of the movement of my hands and my legs. It feels like it is impossible to fail. It is some kind of total 360-degree awareness. I don’t think, and I don’t feel. The past and the future stop existing. Somehow it is as if my body is guided by another force, and I’m simply the one watching it happen while it happens. I have no plans or strategies. I only act from that infinite moment that separates the past from the future. The only moment that really is. I know I’m not one with the universe, but there is a taste of just that! As if the universe has my back and nothing can go wrong. And I accept it. Accept the universe takes control and makes things happen through me.

Harry arrived at the scene, and I sat down to check the man they had beaten.

I got myself quite a surprise. It appeared he was a cop, and the car was his, of course. They must have surprised him as his gun was still in the holster. The poor bastard was bleeding from multiple injuries on his face.

I took his handcuffs and cuffed two of the attacker’s hands together through the window, so they had to run next to the car as I drove it back to the church with the officer and Harry. I stuffed the two remaining ignorants into the trunk. I hoped some officers were still left at the church, and luckily there were!

But at the church, I kinda changed my mind about these guys, so I uncuffed the two ‘runners’, opened the trunk and gave them a short preach.

– Piss off and behave yourselves, or we’ll meet again.

Sometimes the system works, and sometimes it does not. I’m confident it wasn’t going to help these guys. Getting locked up would most likely make things worse for them. I believe in second chances. At least sometimes…

We helped the cop inside. He was still somewhat unable to speak clearly and walk in a straight line. I cleaned him up a little. He was conscious but quite shaken, so I told the remaining cops they should take him to a doctor asap. He most likely got a concussion. I gave the car keys to one of the officers.

Harry and I left the scene.

We walked silently – that’s my native language – until Harry said:
– I think I get it. People here get so desperate they turn to violence, but I think it is rooted in ignorance. They beat people up for no apparent reason, and you… you… uh…

He paused – and I thought what might come next would be interesting because Harry is a wise man.

– I don’t know how that is, but when you fight, I feel you are acting from your heart. I can’t explain…

– I know it is violent, but there is a subtle artistic beauty to your fighting.

– Maybe it has something to do with the reason behind the fighting. I dunno…

He was thinking hard, so I didn’t interrupt him. Just kept Quiet.

– Is it even possible to fight from a position of love? He continued.

– I mean… If someone wants to beat you up and maybe want to kill you… then… would it be a lesser crime to break his arm and stop him from killing you? I think it would. Even though I’m not in a position to judge in such matters. But it seems like when you interfere, you prevent worse things from happening. You were my guardian angel, and a lot of other people in this city felt the connection you have to your power and your heart when you saved them from getting beaten up or even killed.

– They fight angry and hateful. Like their motivation comes from an inferior personality. You fight calmly and quietly. Like you know the outcome in advance. You don’t talk. You are not angry. You simply act and do what has to be done. No hate. No anger. Only inevitability. That very inevitability most people run away from – only to continue living in pain.

– It’s like you have a guardian angel that can’t interfere because he is in another world, but he guides you, and you don’t ask questions because you trust him with your life.

– You act out of necessity. Most people don’t. They are passive, and, in a way, that is a welcome and an acceptance of the darkness into their very own souls, which allows them to continue living in fear. But then again – they haven’t got the nerve to interfere because they can’t defend themselves. I get it – It’s not their fault. It’s the world that’s messed up…

Silence for a long time while I tasted his words before he continued.

– God abandoned this city a long time ago. He left its salvation in the hands of a few brave souls in the police force and a small, dedicated congregation who has chosen to fight the darkness around here alone and almost in vain. And to you!

I took him by his arm. I think I buried my hate the moment I killed my stepdad, and recently Harry helped me put the fear behind me when I visited him at the hospital simply by being who he is – wise, present and big-hearted! But I didn’t know what to say, so I did what I always do – kept Quiet.
Harry and I stayed together for the next four years. I got used to living in the streets. It was insanely cold in the winter, but we had the shelters when it was bad. Actually, I preferred to live here like Harry.


Trinity Sisters Dirty Business Book

When we were was 5 years old kids, our family was torn apart by a drunk stepfather in London, and after fleeing with my mother to her homeland, I became a street kid enrolled in the Korean Mafia the Double Dragon.

My mother was brutally killed by another drunk man and I became more lonely than a rock on the moon.

But I learned to be a skilled pocket lifter and after an incident with the local mafia boss, I became his right hand and helped organize his business running drugs, guns, stealing art, cars and electronics. I lived, slept, stole and shit on the streets. They were my home. But not a single day went by without dreaming of being united with my sisters.


Coming back to London 17 years later, I learned the only job I could handle was being a soldier in the military. So I joined the army. Got through boot camp and was deployed in Afghanistan.

On my second tour in Afghanistan, I was the only survivor of a helicopter crash. I got captured, tortured and serial-raped for weeks by a Russian renegade warlord and his 15 men private army on a Godforsaken Mountain in a cave above the snow line.

But my life was about to take a turn. A freelance merc and his buddy were close. A terrific action adventure was about to start.

This is how I met Dave, Goldie, Coach and Psycho and a few more of their fantastic friends:


They took me half dead from Afghanistan over Pakistan by night in Psycho’s old Sea King, which he got by blackmailing his former employer in Afghanistan – the CIA and we sailed from Karachi to Miami on Snypers’s huge Yacht after wasting my guardian devils.

We sailed for four weeks before Arriving in Santa Monica where Dave and his friends lived. He tought me a ton of fighting wisdom I could add to my 15 years of Tai Kwon Do training from Korea.

Together we killed an Albanian trafficking ring, extracted a friend from a Tunisian prison and flattened the Serbian mafia in Poland. We were busy taking out bad guys, but still, I had a dream about finding my family.

I thought my story was horrifying, but my sisters’ were worse…


This is a story of violence, trafficking, modern slavery, child molesters, corruption, drugs, wars, a lot of dead scumbags, Healing, Zen, Passion, Dedication, Spirituality, Karma, and finding Love and family.


My Book: Trinity Sisters – Dirty Business

Whether you like our story or you hate it, you can buy our book here. In that you can read about how we all got separated when we were kids, our life stories and how we found each other – and a lot of wonderful friends after 19 years in hell.

Read how we killed several trafficking rings, a few mafias and a child labour cartel.


By David Holywood

Author of 10 books for men in relationships and 2 huge novels. Web designer and SEO expert since 1999. Hard Core user of Google Ads, Google Business Profile, AdSense, Analytics & Search Console. Expert in Speed & Load Optimization. Musician. Composer & Martial Artist. Psycho Therapist.

Running a few other blogs: which is a book store and has a lot of resources for men in tough relationships. which is an AdSense site. which is a web agency and some kind of a Danish version of

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