I have been in the computer business since we had punch cards. Before the Internet, we had modems and bulletin boards, and the quantum leap that technology took in the late eighties into the Internet, was a world of new opportunities.

I made my first website in 1998 and have made several hundred websites since then. But what really got my attention was Search Engine Optimization. Yeah… I’m a high degree tech geek! So introvert you won’t believe it! I am extremely passionate about SEO and I can put any website on the front page of Google. Speed optimization is my specialty.

I have worked with Social media and paid advertising (Google and Facebook) for 15 years.

David Holywood

I have also worked as a men’s coach. Here I am lecturing about Integral Relationships – Conscious Relationships.

I have been training Martial Arts since I was 17 and I am very passionate about it. Here I run a men’s group where we use our bodies to become more present. Martial arts are great for that.

Studio Rack - David Holywood

It looks nice right?

Well – it wasn’t always that nice!

in 2007 I got fired from my day job. At that time I thought OK – now I have the time to do what I want! But 4 years later the money ran out and I still hadn’t found a way to make more. I did apply for a lot of jobs but no one would hire me anymore.

I tried a lot on the Internet but nothing really worked. Sold a website once in a while and a few ebooks I had written. I spent ALL my time learning AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization. Tried Click Bank and Share A Sale, but didn’t make much money.

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