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December 19, 2022
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Good Jobs For Introverts

Finding good jobs and starting a good career for introverts is not easy but it can be done! Maybe Blogging for Introverts is for you?

This article will help you determine if you are introvert or extrovert or maybe even ambivert. We will look at the traits and qualities of each and we will look at what could be great jobs for introverts. In the end of this article we will look on Blogging For Introverts.

This is a list of good jobs for introverts and the last job in the list is what I will recommend if you are serious about writing articles and starting your own blog.


Society is created by extroverts, for extroverts!

Being an introvert in an extroverted society isn’t always easy. It is actually much harder to find a suitable and good job for an introvert than for an extrovert. Just ask me! I have been in that situation my entire life. This makes it hard to find good jobs for introverted people.

One of the really great things about the Covid pandemic is a lot of extrovert leaders got their eyes opened. When companies shut down and people began working form home, all of us quiet existences were able to shine and excel. Many leaders thought their most extroverted people were the best and they had templates on qualities and traits that matched extroverts.

But extroverts had a hard time working from home whereas introverts really took over! Many a leader all over the world had to change their view of the ‘quiet ones’ that never made a fuzz. They were now more productive than the extroverts who didn’t feel comfortable working from home.

Richard Etienne, a Surrey-based branding expert who lectures on introverts at work says:

โ€œWhile extroverts are celebrated for being outgoing, action-oriented and enthusiastic, introverts bring analytical thought and empathy. During the pandemic, those skills immediately became incredibly sought after. Introverts are reliable; people who take one project at a time and do it thoroughly. Theyโ€™re good at deep thought and forming personal connections. That was really important during the period when companies were trying to hold onto clients.โ€

Introverts suddenly became the persons who connected to the clients and kept them on board by listening to what they wanted. We actually saved a lot of companies by keeping turning the wheels! And a lot of leaders became aware of the silent ones who saved them with their listening skills.



Are you introvert or extrovert?

It is very easy to know if you are introvert or extrovert. Just ask yourself one simple question – the answer will tell if you are introverted or extroverted.

Ask yourself: How do I recharge?

  • If you recharge your ‘batteries’ by being alone or together with only one or a very few and having deep talks, you are introverted.
  • If you recharge your batteries by being together with huge crowds you are extroverted.
  • If your batteries are drained in big crowds or groups, you are an introvert.
  • If your batteries are drained in small groups or by being alone, you are an extrovert.

That is the definition according to C. G. Jung.

Personally, I don’t need a test to tell me if I am introverted or extroverted. I lived all my life in my own little bubble and when I was around 30 I sloooowly began learning how to be just a little more extroverted. I was extremely introvert. So introvert I was impossible to have a conversation with. I mostly only answered questions with Yes or No.

So at some painful point, I realized I had the desire to become slightly better at expressing myself. I wasn’t able to handle other people. I mostly resigned. I went back to my room and to safety. And I knew it was a pattern I needed to look at. I was 99% introvert when I grew up but I learned some communication skills, I got more confident and slowly I learned how to be a little more extrovert. Which was beneficial for me.

Now, there is a huge space between Introvert and extrovert and some people might be 90% introvert or 65% extrovert. It is a scale. If you want to know more about how intorvert or how extrovert you are, you can take a test here. And of course, there are many, many more of these tests out there.

The MBTI test can tell if you are an introvert.

The Myers Brigs Type Indicator test examines a personโ€™s preferences in four key areas:

  • Managing and receiving energy: Extroverted (E) or introverted (I)
  • Getting information: Do you orient yourself based on observation (S) or relying on your instincts (N)
  • Decision making: Do you prefer thinking (T) or emotions (F)
  • Approach to the outside world: Are you more of judging (J) or perceiving (P) type

I tried the test multiple times and I don’t get quite the same results each time. But in general it gives a good picture. At least for a talk with the interviewer in a job convo where you are applying for a new job.

Introvert or Extrovert

Is it possible to be an introverted salesperson?

One thing that always haunted me is that sale and marketing is for extroverted people and I didn’t know how to sell anything because I was introverted and couldn’t talk about a subject for long.

I saw all these extroverted salespeople being able to talk for hours and sell their stuff. And I was devastated because I really wanted to be able to go solo – which demanded me being able to sell.

Then I ran into a part-time job as an IT supporter in an NGO helping people in Africa and other poor countries. A nice job for an introvert! The only IT supporter and it was easy. People asked me to help if they had a computer or phone problem and I fixed it.

It was actually in a call centre with only 8-10 young people calling people. The room was acoustically great and there wasn’t much noise which suited me just fine.

They also had 2 supervisors. Really skilled and funny people and they were responsible for the support phone. The phone our customers used if they had any problems. The supervisors tried to avoid it but they had to answer when people called. I understood them. Support wasn’t really their job.

They used any excuse to ask me to answer this phone while they went to lunch, smoking break or the toilet. And quite often they were gone for quite some time ๐Ÿ™‚

In the beginning, I had no idea what to talk about when the customers called. So I just listened and if I couldn’t help them I got their number and promised to call back when I found a solution.

It didn’t take long to learn this. Many customers had the same or similar questions so it was quite easy in fact.

Many customers called because they wanted to cancel their subscriptions and in the beginning, I simply cancelled for them. But I got an idea. I started asking why they wanted to quit. And many of them told me they couldn’t afford to keep on.

So I told them that was perfectly all right and I fully understood. And then I added a suggestion. I said something like: “I know it is important to make a living for ourselves. That is a prerequisite for being able to help others. What if we cut your contribution in half? Would that be meaningful to you?”

And I got surprised like never before. Most people said YES! This meant I cut our losses in half! And we still had the customer on board!

Some of the customers were pissed because they had made a deal with us. We will pay but don’t ever call us again! But we didn’t really understand how to manage the NO CALLING list at that time so I got some pissed customers on the phone.

I knew it wasn’t my fault so I easily put myself on the sideline and told the customer something like: “If I were in your pants and someone broke a promise they made, I would be furious too!

Surprise! By expressing understanding and compassion these people showed up to be some of our nicest and best customers and instead of leaving us they stayed and kept on paying! An almost 100% bounce-back rate!

I sold our products primarily by listening! I saved customers primarily by listening. I realized I was able to create trust in a matter of seconds just by listening and expressing compassion and understanding. I was an introvert salesperson! And it worked so well that customers specifically asked for me if I wasn’t the one to answer the phone.

And the most peculiar thing was many of them wanted to pay even more! I didn’t even have to ask. Many of them suggested paying more by themselves!


This kind of success opened me up a bit more. I got more confident and I discovered how much I really love to talk to people, but only one-on-one.

The traits of an introvert

According to Rhonda Goshine, senior organizational development consultant at Houston Methodist โ€” who’s an introvert herself, introverts excell at:

  • Being attentive, active listeners
  • Reading people and picking up on nonverbal cues
  • Thinking critically and thoughtfully
  • Portraying authenticity in social interactions

As introverts we are great at ‘reading the mood’ in any room. We are great at collecting and organizing information. Attentive listening makes people feel seen and heard, which makes them feel appreciated.

As introverts we recarge either alone or in very small groups often just talking deep stuff.

Introverts tends to blame them selves whereas extroverts tends to blame others. I might add neither is a good idea! Don’t blame at all!

Being an introvert is pretty much the same as being Highly Sensitive. We notice details. So I would like to add a few things to Rhonda’s List to get a more complete view:

  • Empathy
  • Listening
  • Creativity
  • Analytical thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Building relationships – especially one at a time.
  • Adaptability
  • Independent
  • Reserved
  • Thoughtful
  • Deep thinker – often searches for meaning
  • Quiet
  • Introspective
  • Great at planning. Less great at execution.
  • Prefers alone time
  • Selfaware
  • Reflective
  • Not much social interaction
  • Sensitive to negativity, critism and conflict
  • Don’t like small talk
  • Better at writing than speaking
  • Learning through observation
  • Finding the right arguments after the discussion is over.

Based on this we can go hunting for good jobs for introverts.

Blogging for Introverts

Introverts are often misunderstood

They also often feel misunderstood. Because the way we structured society we think that success is only for extroverts.

Extroverts are more thorrough. When they learn new stuff it takes time because we want to make sure we got it. This can be achallenge for an extrovert who want’s things to be faster.

Extroverts often shows more excitement. Introverts don’t – which doesn’t men they are not excited. They just don’t express it as enthusiastic. So extroverts might easily thing they are not interested or do not understand what is going on.

We are often called shy. But we are just Quiet! Not weird. We don’t hate people. We just don’t feel comfortable in big crowds. Probably a control issue for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Introverts often feels safest at home. We need to know where to toilet is and what time we are leaving to go home. Wee need to be familiar with our surroundings.

Parties can be fun. Just not all night. After an hour or so I got enough and want to go home. Home to my intro-cat who knows me.ย 

Can introverts be good leaders?

YES! Anyone can be a good leader if he is committed to learn! Some are born good leaders. Others learn on the fly. But the most important qualification for being a good leader is the ability to learn! A job as a leader could easily turn out to be a good career for introverts.

I think the world in general believes you need to be an extrovert to become a great leader. Mostly because it is the extroverts that shows up on the scene first and the introverts are not actually in a rush. It is not a race for them as it is for an extrovert. Extroverts are more likely to find the spotlight than extroverts so we don’t see them as much as extroverts.

Can introverts learn to be extroverts or vice versa?

Being an Introvert or an extrovert is one of the very first decissions we make (unconsciously) in our lives. As new borns we simply follow the strategy thet works bes in order to get our parents attention. It is that simple! As such it is not 100% hard-wired but it is close!

This also means if we have to change this decission we are up against a long life habit and take it from me. It is virtually impossible to fundamentally change that habit!

But it doesn’t matter. As an introvert I found it was healthy to challenge myself sometimes. Challenge myself in some situations to be slightly more extroverted. And in time I became a little more extroverted. But fundamentally I am still introverted.

I read about Buddha once and I learned that one of the fundamentals in his teachings was BALANCE!

I believe in balance because I realized that Love cannot exist in extremes. Extremists are very often much more hateful than balanced people. So I really believe balance works wonders. That is why I challenged myself a bit trying to become more extrovert.

Now I am in a position where I can speak up freely if I need to and if I chose so I can also just shut up if it ain’t worth it. I am more free because I have more choices.

What does it mean to be ambivert?

I was chocked many years ago when I first heaard this term. I knew balance was a good thing and this word immediately radiated Balance.

Actually this also goes all the way back to C. G. Jung and I didn’t even know! But of course. If there is one end of the scale called Extroverts and another called introverts there has to be something in the middle too. This is the ambiverts.

Ambiverts have traits from both sides. It can be hard to determine if their motivation is internally or externally. Or both. They can go to a party and suvive or they can stay at home alone and survive that too.

This is where I kinda become a traitor to the introverts. Because I believe in balance. OK – I’m not there. I’m not ambivert. But I have moved slightly towards being ambivert. Not in balance and probably never will. But I got myself a new ideal. A new goal.

My Theory of how I became an Introvert

I think the universe is ruled by some kind of balance. I often call the The Law Of Balance. It is like taking a stick and ruin an anthill. The ants will simply just rebuild their home.

Look at Chernobyl. A nuclear meltdown ruined a city and everything in a radius of 30 kilometres were affected. But in a thousand years the concrete is degraded, converted to dust and nature will cover everything.

Everything in this world is divided. And the law of nature seeks to out-balance these divisions.

If you look at your mom and dad there is a huge chance one of them is introvert and the other is extrovert though it is not always like this. I have been into a relationship with an introverted girl. But most relationships are polarised this way.

Two introverts live in harmony and doesn’t really challenge each other.

Two extroverts can be explosive and they often fight a lot.

But usually introvert and extrovert meet each other and we get a chance to see the world from the opposite perspective. This is the best relationships to learn from.

The first child will often be same type as the father. Because this way there is a polarisation to the mother. Very early in our lives we make a decision. It is probably one of the first decisions we make. We decide to be introverts or extroverts from what gives us most of what we want. Mom’s love and attention.

Next kid who is born into that family will often have same personality type as the mother and it will alternate through all siblings. I have six siblings and we alternate perfectly. Except for no. 7. She is somewhere in the middle.

I was only one and a half when my brother was born and two and a half when my sister came so I was kind of pushed away to make room for the smaller ones. And after six siblings I felt lonely. I didn’t feel I belonged anywhere. I moved away from home when I was 14 but the meeting with the big world just made it worse. I didn’t feel I had a place any where.

That’s the kind of kid that usually turns to crime to get some attention. But one thing my mother succeeded in imprinting in every one of us was high standards. She never said it but her behaviour always demanded honesty. It was only a few years before my mom died I realized that she never in here entire life told a lie. The truth was priceless to her.ย 

That was what kept me on track.

As a teenager I think I spoke less than 100 words in school and at work. Of course I could talk but only in close friendships. If some one asked me something I usually only answered in one-syllable words. Yes or no!

I was 19 when I met my first girlfriend. That was the introverted I mentioned before. We were both physichologically injured kids. But we grew together and we both became more fit for the world.


Grow with Your Blog

What About Those Good Careers for Introverts?

Yes! Here we go. Thought you’d never ask! Finding good careers for introverts or getting some job ideas for introverts starts here. Many of these jobs are jobs I have had. Some of them are for persons who are very introvert. Some are for introverts who can handle a few other people in smaller measured quantities.

There are TWO things you really want to be aware of.

  • Your Passion
  • Your Skills

Very often it appears that your skills actually ARE your passion. Whether it is tha same for you or not doesn’t matter. The important thing is to find your Passion and your Skills. I cincerely believe we are ALL born with a set of skills, a talent which we are here to make perfect. This is the very purpose of our lives! And if we deviate from this we get unhappy or maybe even depressed. We lose our ways and we can’t find meaning.

Getting distracted from your Skills is easy. Most people actually do. Simply because making money takes precedence. I can relate to that. I haven’t always worked with my passion and my skills.

When you become aware of your Passion and Your Skills you are on your way to happiness! Meanwhile you need a job to survive. But don’t let this job suck you in. Work on your Skills and feel your Passion. Every day. Even if it is only 15 minutes.

My suggestion for careers for Introverts and jobs for Introverts are:


Accounting or Bookkeeping

Many accountants are introverts because they can stay at their office all day long and only talk to people on the phone. I wouldn’t. Actually, I have worked as an accountant for a short time. I loved nerdy numbers back then. Now I can’t stand them.



Only a few days I got myself a surprise. I live in a complex with 75 houses so I don’t know everybody equally well. I accidentally ran int one I never talked to (other than saying hi) and she told me she was a translator, had translated 150 books (Spanish – Danish) and made a decent additional income translating books.



If you like to write articles or even books you should consider ghostwriting. I haven’t done any ghostwriting so here is an article from Emma who has.


Affiliate marketing

Find some products on ClickBank or Shareasale. Create a website. Create an email list and learn some marketing tactics. CreateAndGo can help you. And when I get to it I will write a lot more about this too. I don’t recomend buying into something though. For some it works, for some it doesn’t. There are plenty of other opportunities to start simple and free.


Software engineer/App Developer

Yes! Absolutely! Been there done that. Most dev. jobs are truly for introverts. I worked in this business for many years and can program in 25 different programming languages. Basic was my first. C# was my last. With 23 in between. One of the most advanced programming languages I learned was Batch programming.

From back in the DOS days, but it still lives in Windows Power Shell. It is incredible what you can do with batch programming. I made a batch program that downloaded a Bloomberg stock dealing program. Installed automatically on a computer. Registered all changes from before and after so the installation could be done automatically without clicking Enter, enter, OK etc.

The last thing the batch program would do was send me a mail when the program was totally automatically installed on a test computer so I could test it and see if it worked. And if it did I just pushed a button and the program was deployed to the dealers. Took the program 15 minutes to do what it would take 1 person 5 days to do! Efficiency!


Truck Driver

You ever thought of being a truck driver? Especially a long-distance driver? I had a part-time job once as a long-distance truck driver. It was fantastic. Open roads. Only me and my truck. My load was building materials and I had to deliver them to other countries. Long lovely trips.

I remember one time when my Boss drove with me. He was a nice boss and actually my brother-in-law. The truck punctured THREE times on that trip like it was cursed. We only had ONE spare wheel so after the second and the third puncture the twin wheels were not twins any more. They were single!

One puncture happens. Two within 1,500 miles is suspicious. But three in 3,000 miles is a conspiracy!



Tried that and actually enjoyed cleaning at Maersk on the docks in the evenings. Tough job but nice for an introvert. You only meet seagulls and the gate guard when you arrive and leave. Seagulls are fantastic until they shit on you from 100 yards. Never tried it myself but at a bus stop, a guy 1.5 yards in front of me took a giant hit from a seagull that needed to empty its rectum on him.

Others were hit too by the same shit so to speak but I was extremely lucky because I watched it happen in real time and wasn’t a victim of this natural crime.

At night a tame fox would walk around at the guard’s house looking for food. It was an exciting time!


Online jobs.

This can be Managing Social Media Accounts. Managing AdWords Accounts, Graphic design and online support. Preferably mail support. You can try to look at to get an idea. I don’t think it is easy to start freelancing under Fiverr. I never tried it. But maybe you can find inspiration.



This is one of those things I never tried but Denise has a very good article about it here.



Stock dealing in front of your computer all day doing macro analysis and technical analysis all day long. It takes some time to learn but is definitely within reach. Just be careful. You can lose money too.


Therapist or Psychologist

THAT might sound odd. But I am a therapist. I wouldn’t work full-time as a therapist. But the brilliant thing about being a therapist is that you talk to people one on one. And most introverts can handle this. At least for some time. For me, it was possible to recharge my batteries because I like deep conversations one on one. But for me, it would be too repetitive if I did it 8 hours a day. But then again. Most jobs would.

At one point I started a small group for men that ran over 10 weeks. three hours one afternoon a week. In the first group were only three men, but in the third season, it grew to seven. Some introverts can only handle one person at a time. My absolute limit was actually three. If I was in a group with one or two or three others (four in total) I could handle it. But five in total I would shut completely down like an oyster going to sleep.

But the groups grew slowly in a pace I felt good about. I still have that limit between four and five but it is a softer limit now so even though I’m still most comfortable with groups of four in total, I can handle groups slightly larger now. But only for a limited period of time! I still prefer one on one!

There are different types of therapists but they all mostly only have to relate to one person at a time and most introverts can handle this.


Private teacher

Sometimes I do guitar lessons. But you should consider any skill you have. Can I sell it as a private teacher? Do I have something other people might be interested in learning? I sincerely believe we all have at least one thing we are passionate about. Or at least one thing we could be passionate about if we had the time. Just ask yourself what would you do if money wasn’t an issue?



Many musicians are introverted. But in order to be able to perform on a stage you need to work a little on yourself. I used to play in a band Pure Malt and in the beginning, I only played the guitar and kept myself in the background. But one of the others sang some very beautiful songs. Song For Ireland and Jamie Foyers and I really wanted to put a second voice on there. I knew I could do it but I didn’t have the guts to do it.

Until one day.

I was the one responsible for the gear so this day – it was a silent private party with 20 people so it was manageable, I put up 4 mikes instead of only 3. I think they noticed but they didn’t say anything. I made a decision. I would play cool no matter what! And I did it! After that, the other guys in the band told me how great it was so I continued and got some more guts.

A few months later we all sang 25% of the songs each and I must admit I found my inner narcissist! Being in the spotlight at the centre of the scene and the entire club shouting while I was singing Whiskey in the jar was extremely rewarding. Psychological.

That day I did something new that changed me. I will never forget it! Still have pictures from the event.



Author yes! Absolutely. But it takes time. The golden formula on Amazon is 4 books a year with 70,000-80,000 words in them. But there are other places than Amazon and new sales platforms must be popping up somewhere. I have a few books on Amazon and it is VERY clear that you have to bring you own customers.

Amazon won’t sell a single book for you. Unless you run their ads and even then it is hard to make a surplus. A book sold for 10 dollars on amazon leaves you 1- 1.5 dollars per book BEFORE you create ads. So that is not much to run ads for and you will earn even less per book. On Amazon, you REALLY have to sell big if you want to make money. I might just create an Amazon Ad Course in the future!


Blogging – For Introverts!

I couldn’t wait for this one. I am introverted and I LOVE to write. I have no idea how much I have polluted the Internet with my writings. But it is significant. I have written articles for a lot of dating sites. Six actually. I have written hundreds of articles on psychology, relationships and men in troublesome relationships. I am actually glad I learned the alphabet back in school ๐Ÿ™‚ This is probably one of the things that have served me really well!

Blogging for Introverts is what I really want this page to deal with. Setting up a blog and start writing article is the perfect job for an introvert! Even when you need to contact other bloggers you can do it from the comfort of your home. In an environment where you feel safe an comfortable. You can blog from home. Infact you can blog from any where you bring your laptop!

I do recommend this article: Why Blogging Is The Perfect Job For Introverts.


What should I call an introvert veterinarian?

An Introvet!

What is the word for an Introvert Blogger?


Want to start a Blog and Make Money Online

Sign up here for a 10 day email challenge that guides you through starting a blog. The complete guide!

Blogging for introverts.

By David Holywood

Author of 10 books for men in relationships and 2 huge novels. Web designer and SEO expert since 1999. Hard Core user of Google Ads, Google Business Profile, AdSense, Analytics & Search Console. Expert in Speed & Load Optimization. Musician. Composer & Martial Artist. Psycho Therapist.

Running a few other blogs: which is a book store and has a lot of resources for men in tough relationships. which is an AdSense site. which is a web agency and some kind of a Danish version of

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