I have been in the computer business since we had punch cards. Before the Internet, we had modems and bulletin boards, and the quantum leap that technology took in the late eighties into the Internet, was a world of new opportunities.

I made my first website in 1998 and have made several hundred websites since then. But what really got my attention was Search Engine Optimization. Yeah… I’m a high degree tech geek! So introvert you won’t believe it! I am extremely passionate about SEO and I can put any website on the front page of Google. Speed optimization is my specialty.

I have worked with Social media and paid advertising (Google and Facebook) for 15 years.

I have been blogging, writing articles, and published a few books since 2002. Have written articles for websites, dating sites, magazines, and a variety of blogs.

Contact me here: david@passionblogist.com

David Holywood

All my childhood I had difficulties trying to understand math. But I didn’t get it. I flunked every year in school.

After 10th grade I started in high school and my math skills didn’t improve.

At that time m mother got a cleaning job in a house not far from where we lived. It was a couple Ellen and Bjarner Svejgaard. He was a math genious. In fact he was involved in the first computers developed in my country. The time I met him at his house, he was the leader at the computer science center in my city and he invited me and my brother to see where he worked.

Here is a link to an image of Bjarner (to the left with the pipe) and the image mistakenly says the computer in the image is the first in Denmark called DASK, but it is wrong. The computer is the second and it is called GIER. DASK was based on tubes. GIER was based on transistors.

I was totally excited and the day we went to see those huge computers was the day my life changed. Totally.

And to unerline the gravity of this event I was fired from my newspaper delivery job less than 30 minutes after leaving Bjarner! I think the Universe wanted me to do something else!

So I went home to my mother and told her I would drop out of high school. She told me it was OK but I should find something else to do.

And I did.

I found work in what was one of the biggest software houses in my city at that time. The punch card below is from that company:



This is a punch card. They were used to load a program written in Cobol into a computer. One punchcard equals one code line with 80 characters.

The two upper rows are A & B & 0 are determinators. 1 to 9 are the selectors. Numbers were represented with one punch in one colum. Letters demanded two punches in one column and special characters needed three punches.

A Cobol statement could be: compute table2(1,2) = (a + 10) ⁄ e(2);

Relationship Workshop

I have also worked as a men’s coach. Here I am lecturing about Integral Relationships – Conscious Relationships. Actually I am also a psychotherapist.

The Image shows the Compatibility Matrix by Martin Ucik that can tell you A LOT about your relationship, the challenges you have and how to continue evolving. It is actually a brilliant invention.

I have been training Martial Arts since I was 17 and I am very passionate about it. Here I run a men’s group where we use our bodies to become more present. Martial arts are great for that.

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David Holywood Recording Studio

One way or the other I have always been in the music business. Playing in bands and worked as a recording engineer and producer. I love knobs and gear!!! And I love great sounds!

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