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Ask yourself How cool would it be to be able to make money on your blog! Money enough to live a great life by running your very own Blog and being your very own Boss!

I think it is cool! I think it is VERY cool!

On this site, we will go through everything you need to start your blogging adventure. How to find your passion and refine your skills. How to find your niche. How to find lightning speed fast hosting. How to install WordPress. How to write compelling stories. How to do search engine optimization. How to promote your blog. How to find great images. How to set up mail series. How to find your audience. How to monetize your blog…

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The World Is Changing

Many of you probably already feel The Wind Of Change! Working 9-5 is becoming a prison and many people want more freedom. Personal freedom as well as economic freedom.

Many of you have come to a point where you are telling yourself: There must be more to life than this! And many people already make money blogging.

You are probably becoming painfully aware that your passion is not a 9-5 job and maybe you are beginning to feel that void inside.

We got tips and tricks to find your passion and purpose in life.

We also know how to transform your skills into a new fulfilling lifestyle, based on giving back and contributing.

To Infinity And Beyond!

Make Money Blogging. To Infinity And Beyond

The Simple Way To become A Successful Blogger


I can’t stress this enough! I have seen a lot of startups who hadn’t got a clear picture of their core values. They don’t last! Honestly, I HATE artificial scarcity. Internet Marketers use it all the time. Real scarcity happens in real life but selling digital products? The only way you can create scarcity on digital products is by lying!

I sometimes set a time limit on my campaigns. Not to create scarcity. Only to limit the number of inevitable requests that follow. And to make sure I don’t create artificial scarcity, you can always mail me if you are too late on a campaign! I’m here to help! I make money enough and besides – I hate greed! It is OK to make money but at some point, we have enough. That’s where we need to turn around and help people down the ladder climbing up.

The world doesn’t need more billionaires. The world needs Honesty and Passion!


Starting a blog is a lot of hard work. Money is a motivator of course, but Passion is bigger! If you want the best chances of getting success go with your passion! Your Passion will most likely also reflect your skills, which makes it so much easier to become an expert.

There will be good times and there will be bad times. In bad times, it will be your Passion (and your supportive friends) that saves your sanity! If you blog about something you are not passionate about you have one weapon less in the fight for your right to be heard!

Passion for Life is probably a passion most people share. There is a reason why we all got a Passion for Life! There is a reason why you are alive! You are here to develop your skills and pass that knowledge on!


Execution is what most bloggers don’t know about. Too many people firmly believe that writing articles and publicising them on their blog is enough.

It is NOT!

Execution is a huge part your of success. Actually, it is vital! There are 50 things to do right after publishing your article. All about driving traffic, signups and customers. Your well-written article won’t do it alone.

Just putting a website and a lot of articles on the Internet won’t do it. Nothing will happen. No one ever comes by. You need MORE! You need ACTION! Forget about Mindset! It only makes people feel guilty! But DO remember ACTION!

The Good and The FREE Stuff

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